Successful Freelancing–Online Course


Successful Freelancing–Online Course


This interactive online course is perfect for those wanting to learn how to make a living as an independent artist or how to make some extra income with your art. Great for college grads, current students and those interested in starting to freelance on the side. 

Geared specifically toward those in the visual arts, this course is perfect for Illustrators, Designers and Photographers.

Classes will run each Wednesday night from 6:30-9:00pm.
Class dates are May 20, 27, June 3, 10, 17, 24 and July 1.

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Successful Freelancing is a 7 week course held online.
Each week we will meet for approximately 2.5 hours using Google Hangouts. (A free Google Plus account is required. Click here to sign up)

Hi, my name is Michael J. Williams and I'll be your instructor for Successful Freelancing. I've taught this class on the college level as well as an adult continuing ed class for the past two years and have been freelancing myself for over ten years now.
Not only have I freelanced to supplement my income, but I've been freelancing full time for over five years now as an independent Illustrator and Designer.

After graduating college, I realized that I didn't know the first thing about how to freelance and make a living from my artwork. Many schools do a great job teaching artists theory and technique, but not many teach you how to go about getting work on your own as an independent professional. Most of those lessons I learned over time on my own through trial and error as well as from some amazing mentors. And that's why I created this class. I want to help you understand how to navigate the world of freelancing and understand how you can make your art your business.

Along with the class, you will also receive the following as a digital file sent to your email address after the first class is completed:

  • Blank Contact Form for keeping track of potential client info

  • A Glossary of Contract Terms

  • Sample Contracts

  • Mileage Expense Spreadsheet

  • Invoice Templates

Below is an outline of what the class will cover from week to week.

Week One: What does it mean to be a freelancer?
How to know when you're ready, and the risks and rewards of freelancing.

Week Two: Showing your work.
Websites, blogs and portfolio showcase sites. What to show and how much to show.

Week Three: Contacting Potential Clients.
How to find clients, how to contact them and how often to contact them.

Week Four: Marketing Yourself and Your Work.
Networking, social media and gaining fans.

Week Five: Pricing and Contracts.
How to price your work and what you should know about contracts.

Week Six: Working with Clients and How to Get Repeat Clients.
Invoicing, expenses, taxes and insurance.

Week Seven: Surviving Fluctuations.
What to do when you get slow or have too much work.